About Midwest Transport, Inc.

Founded in 1980, Midwest Transport, Inc. is a transportation service provider with more than 650 employees, 450 power units and dedicated terminals in five states. We are one of the largest transportation contractors associated with the United States Postal Service, and since our inception, we have developed a reputation for our commitment to safety, timely deliveries and stellar customer service.

Our corporate office is located in Robinson, Illinois and currently maintain six terminals:

  • Tampa, Florida
  • Greenup, Illinois
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Harmony, Pennsylvania
  • Buffalo, New York

By pairing the latest technologies with a focus on reliability, MTI has earned various accolades including the Eagle Spirit award, the Postal Service’s highest honor for mail transportation contractors.

We owe our success to the dedication and expertise of our staff. Instead of hiring groups of drivers, we carefully select our employees by analyzing safety records, on-road experience and other essential factors. This approach ensures dependable deliveries for our clients and excellent benefits for our drivers. We also hire friendly dispatchers who treat drivers as individuals — not numbers in a system.

As a leading creator of Midwest trucking jobs, MTI is always looking for qualified individuals. If you are interested in submitting an application, please click here. To speak with a member of our staff, please call 618-544-3399.