Geotab Login Letter

Geotab Login Letter

September 1, 2016

MTI Drivers,

Midwest Transport, Inc. is committed to making sure that our people are paid accurately. All employees should be paid for the time that they work. No more no less. With our office staff that is easy. We have punch clocks and people clock in and out and records are kept demonstrating hours worked. With drivers it is more difficult. How long a driver works who shows up in Nashville, Tennessee and drives to Atlanta, Georgia is difficult to calculate. Our new in-cab technology, Geotab, will change that. With the Geotab system, we will be able to verify hours worked and pay accurately.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU LOGIN TO GEOTAB. In order for us to verify the hours that you are working, we will need to be able to pull the electronic information from Geotab. In order to do that, you must login. If you have not logged in, we will not be able to verify your time.

Next December you will have no choice but to login as Electronic Logs will be a DOT requirement. Geotab will have the electronic log. However, please do not wait until then. Start doing it now. This will ensure that we are DOT compliant when that comes and ensure that we have data to pay you accurately and comply with DOL rules.

Geotab is like any other electronic piece of equipment. It won’t work perfectly. However, that is not an excuse for not logging in. If you have issues, please contact your Regional Manager or call 618­-554-8717 or 618-554-1252 for technical support. The key to fixing the issue is that you give specifics. If you say “Geotab is garbage and never works” there really isn’t much we can do about that. Conversely, if you say “On Aug 25, 2016 in truck 0148 when I hit button XYZ the screen would turn completely red” we can work through the specific problem and solve it.

Again, the purpose of this letter is to make sure that you login to Geotab so we have accurate data with respect to your trip Expectations are helpful, but sometimes it takes more time and sometimes it takes less time, and we must make sure all employees are paid accurately. Additionally, we will be able to track and improve fuel economy, offer training to improve safety, as well as ensure that you are paid for the time that you work. However, for us to have the accurate information to do that, we MUST have you login to Geotab every time!

Thank you for all you do for MTI, please be safe, and login to Geotab!!